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Timeline of AGICO

Geofyzika, State Company, predecessor of AGICO
Early sixties Development of the first model of the Spinner Magnetometer (JR-1) by Vit Jelinek.
Mid-sixties Development of the first model of the Kappabridge (KLY-1) by Vit Jelinek.
Late sixtiesInnovation of JR-1 Spinner Magnetometer to JR-2 model (Vit Jelinek). Development of the KLY-2 Kappabridge (Vit Jelinek)
Early seventiesStart of commertial manufacturing of Spinner Magnetometers and Kappabridges. Upgrading of Spinner Magnetometer to JR-4 Model (Zdenek Hulka).
Late eightiesDevelopment of JR-5A Spinner Magnetometer equipped with automatic sample holder (Petr Suza, Jiri Pokorny).
Early ninetiesDevelopment of PUM-1 Pulse Magnetizer (Vit Jelinek, Petr Suza, Jiri Pokorny). Development of KLY-3S Kappabridge equipped with spinning sample holder (Vit Jelinek, Petr Suza, Jiri Pokorny). Development of CS-2 Furnace Apparatus for measurement (in unison with Kappabridge) of temperature variation of susceptibility (Jan Parma, Petr Suza, Jiri Pokorny).
AGICO, s.r.o.
1995 AGICO company was separated from Geofyzika and specialized in development and manufacturing of rock magnetism instruments.
1995 CS-3 attachment of KLY-3/4 for measurement of high-temperature variations of magnetic susceptibility was introduced.
1995 CS-L attachment of Kappabridges for measurement of low-temperature variations of magnetic susceptibility was introduced.
1999 KLF-4 simple susceptibility meter was introduced. This product is discontinued.
2000 Dual speed spinner magnetometer JR-6A was introduced.
2003 KLY-4 variable field (2-700 A/m) susceptibility meter was introduced.
2005 MFK1 - MultiFunction Kappabridge was introduced.
2008 CS4 updated version of Kappabridge attachment for measurements of high-temperature variations of magnetic susceptibility.
2013 3D Rotator updated version of spinner mechanism for MFK1 and KLY5 Kappabridges was introduced.
2013 LDA5 and PAM1 advanced system for demagnetization and magnetization of rock samples was introduced.
2016 KLY5 state of art Kappabridge which enables precise measurement of in-phase and out-of phase magnetic susceptibility and their anisotropy.
2017 MFK2 - Updated version of the MultiFunction Kappabridge was introduced.
2023 PUMA - 5 Tesla Impulse magnetizer was introduced.
2024 BCK1 - Big Coil Kappabridge was introduced.

AGICO, Inc, Brno, Czech Republic


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